Video Production

James Ault Productions         

We make documentaries that bring viewers into different social worlds through intimate, dramatically compelling stories carefully chosen to reveal those worlds. Our directorial decisions, and our relations with subjects, are based on informed understandings of their worlds. Our stories gain their intimacy through genuine trust built upon such understandings. We portray diverse characters–from homeless people to university trustees, from African healers to hair dressers, from fundamentalist Baptists to gay spouses. Depending on a project’s purpose and budget, we draw on our network of leading documentary cinematographers, sound recordists and editors, to create intimate, engaging documentary works to serve multiple purposes, from short pieces for web-delivery to feature-length films. In some cases I shoot most of the material myself as a crew of one. All our current projects are being shot in HD 16:9 at 50 mbps with our SONY PMW-200 and first-rate sound gear. For samples, click here.