James Ault CV — Publications 

. (Alfred A. Knopf, 2005) Recounting the author’s ethnographic research and filmmaking in a fundamentalist Baptist church, and drawing lessons from that experience to better understand conflicts over family-value issues in American life.
“The best single-volume explanation of why American fundamentalist Christianity thrives among certain people, what needs it fulfills and why it will not die out.”   The Washington Post 
“One of the five best nonfiction books of year.”   The Christian Science Monitor
Honor Book, Massachusetts Center for the Book, 2005

Society, Jan/Feb 2012, on understanding social conservatism and conflicts over family-value issues in American life.

Lift Thine Eyes: The Landscape, the Buildings, the Heritage of Northfield Mount Hermon School (NMH: Mt. Hermon, MA) 2010 Authored three chapters covering this school, my alma mater‘s history, from World War One to the present, in the context of social change spanning this entire period.

“Secular Humanism,” in R. Wuthnow, ed., The Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion
(Washington, DC: Congressional Quarterly, Inc.) 1998.

“Making ‘Modern’ Marriage `Traditional’: State Power and the Regulation of Marriage in Colonial Zambia.” Theory and Society, 12 (1983). Based on research in Zambia.

“Review Essay: Robert Bates, Rural Responses to Industrialization (New Haven: Yale University Press), 1976″ African Social Research 32, 1981.


In the Feet of
African Christians

Exploring Christianity’s Explosive
in Africa

A new creation in ethnographic writing: a book that in its e-book edition will have links to documentary video embedded in its text.