Intimate documentary storytelling
bridging differences in culture
and worldview 

 “No one appears as a stereotype. It gives a remarkably
candid view.”
   New York Times

“A seminal opus for bridge-building between fundamentalists and liberals.”    Booklist     

“The most penetrating and informative material I have ever seen on African Christianity.”                                  Terence Ranger, Oxford

“With scrupulous power it gets us close to these people.”
     Los Angeles Times

“A deeply sensitive and finely crafted film.”
     Harvey Cox, Harvard

“An important contribution to one of the greatest problems facing the world today.”                                            Karen Armstrong

“Captures vividly the demands and vicissitudes of leadership.”
   Ronald Heifetz, Harvard

“Striking, powerful and clarifying . . .”     Andrew Walls


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Northampton, Massachusetts  01061 USA

We create award-winning documentaries (and writing) that bring audiences effectively into different worlds through intimate, dramatically compelling stories carefully chosen to reveal those worlds. Our work is guided by informed understandings of diverse worlds, and our stories gained through trust with subjects based on such understandings. Our documentary work has proven to have long-term educational uses, which now can only be amplified and enriched in our “YouTube Age,” where the delivery of moving picture online is transforming media of all kinds.

Depending on budget, we draw on leading documentary cinematographers, sound recordists, and editors, carefully matched with the subject at hand. Or, for less expensive productions, we make use of the cost-effective production techniques modern digital video affords. We are keen to help make a difference in the world through the educational and communicative powers that the online delivery of documentary video now makes possible.

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Machanic Manyeruke
How Zimbabwe’s Josefa Became
a Music Legend


A moving documentary about Zimbabwe’s gospel music legend who has a powerful story to tell!

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